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CSA April 22

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Love of Sheep

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Isaiah 40:11 He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young. King James Version (KJV)

Soil Testing for Farmers March 25

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March 25 – Soil Testing for Farmers – don’t guess, soil test! This two-part class will introduce farmers and ag producers to basic soil science, teach correct soil sampling procedure and assist in the analysis of the lab results to develop a nutrient management plan. The first class will be held at the WSU Extension office, 986 S Main. Cost is $10 per farm, which includes a soil test valued at $35.



Access to Farmland 2014 Symposium

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Access to farmland for the next generation of farmers looks like it's lining up to be the most pivotal issue facing agriculture today. Consider this question: "How can young farmers, almost universally cash-poor and yet who have such energy and vision for a re-invented, sustainable and localized food and farm system in the U.S. even get started when land costs are rising, the resource base of arable land is shrinking and start-up costs are steep?" This upcoming symposium has the promise of being a gathering where some real, practical and paradigm-shifting solutions to questions like this will be identified and described.

I say this because of who is behind the organizing effort, namely, The Schumacher Center for a New Economics which is the organizational and philosophical heir of the E. F. Schumacher Society that was based in Great Barrington, MA.

E.F Schumacher was the visionary economist who wrote the book "Small is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered " way back in 1973 because he saw the train wreck coming and had the economics chops to describe an alternative track. Sadly, not enough people heeded his warning or embraced his proposals. But some folks did. The E.F. Schumacher Society was instrumental is not only developing the concepts for local currencies, community land trusts, and micro-lending program, they assisted communities to implement them.

Now, in its new incarnation as the Schumacher Center for New Economics, you can bet the concepts and proposals that will be discussed at this symposium will be the ones to pay attention to. Since most of us won't be able to attend, they will be uploading podcasts of the proceedings (see below).

Agrarian Trust, a program of the Schumacher Center for New Economics, is pleased to announce the schedule for our 2014 Symposium:

OUR LAND: a Symposium on Farmland Access in the 21st Century.

April 26 + 27, Wheeler Hall (UC Berkeley) and the David Brower Center

In the next 20 years, an estimated 400 million acres of farmland will change hands as 70% of current farmland owners retire. Meanwhile, entering farmers struggle to compete with non-farming landowners for access to prime farmland, particularly in peri-urban areas. This dilemma of farmland succession is shared by Greyhairs and Greenhorns alike, who all hope for a more sustainable and resilient farming future.

We will examine this imminent inflection point from historical, ecological and political economy perspectives, and address both practical and philosophical approaches to transition. With both national and international speakers joining to reflect on this topic, we expect a full room and a lively convening of stakeholders.

Please join us on April 26 + 27 for a conversation about farmland access and transition.

This event is presented in partnership with Chelsea Green Publishing, The David Brower Center, Berkeley Food Institute, California FarmLink and Roots of Change.

All lectures will be recorded as podcasts for farmers and others who cannot make it in person. To get the lectures please join our email list.

Please read up on the event details and reserve your ticket today at:

Symposium Press Page

Thank you for sharing this announcement widely.


Cultivating Success Webinar

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Take your financial & marketing plans to the next level of profitability!


JANUARY 28 – MARCH 25, 2014

Live Course Webinars Tuesdays 4-6:00 pm Pacific / 5-7:00 pm Mountain

$50 per farm/ranch (one set of printed educational materials included)

Planning for Profit II is an advanced farm planning course for existing farmers/ranchers.

In this course you will refine your whole farm or business plan, clarify your farm and financial goals, improve your budgeting and recordkeeping, and develop and improve your marketing strategies for an existing or new enterprise. Mastering these skills will help you take your operation to the next level of profitability!


Course topics include: Strategic Planning; Farm/Ranch Financial Analysis; Enterprise Assessment; Selling Into Different Markets; Market Assessment and Expansion; Successfully Selling into Retail Markets; On-farm Labor; Food Safety Assessment & Certification.


Prerequisites: You must have an up and running farm/ranch operation and been producing and selling your products for at least a year. AND you must have completed at least one of the following courses: Planning for Profit Level I; Sustainable Small Farming and Ranching; Agriculture Entrepreneurship and Business Planning…OR if you haven’t completed one of these courses you must be using some form of business plan, marketing plan, or whole farm plan that you developed to guide you in your farming/ ranching operation. You must have high-speed Internet to access the course materials. Open to residents of Idaho, eastern Washington and northeast Oregon.


For more info and to register visit Planning for Profit Registration



Course registration is limited to 35.


Self Sufficient Saturday

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“Self-Sufficient Saturday”

You are invited to a fun and educational morning full of

Enlightening self-reliant presentations, information, pictures,

Displays, Plus place your order for excellent deals on bulk grain.

Saturday, February 22nd

9am till 12:30pm (in the gym)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

34221 N. Newport Hwy, Chattaroy

9 am “When there is no 911”, by Scott Haney

A though provoking presentation with Q&A.

10:15am “How to build a sturdy, cost effective greenhouse”,

by Joe and Tammy Fausti. Extend your growing season!!!

11 am “Show and Tell”, by Joan Haney

“Secure and economical livestock feed”

See a working 6 tray Fodder System

*View displays of a 72 hour kit, making yarn, and other self- reliant

items and topics

*Taking order for bulk grains from Davenport Warehouse

11:30 Potluck Competition: Bring your favorite potluck

or side dish. If you’d like, we challenge you to bring something

prepared, using items from your food storage. Prize will be awarded

for best food storage dish!

If you don’t have time to make something… join us anyway!

There is always a lot of food! :0)

See you there! Let’s continue to get prepared!

Farm Energy Audit: The Audit You'll Want to Have

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Farm Energy Audit: The Audit You'll Want to Have

A farm energy audit is a tool to help agricultural producers conserve energy and save money by implementing energy-efficient equipment. The audit collects and analyzes information on farm energy consumption and its associated costs, and then recommends ways to reduce them. Farm energy audits also explore ways to capture renewable energy resources that are available on a farm. Dairy operations are often good candidates for farm energy audits as there are significant opportunities for dairies to save energy and money through conservation and efficiency measures. Farm energy audits can be conducted by a professional or through do-it-yourself energy-efficiency calculators. For more information on energy audits and farm energy calculators, see the ATTRA publication Farm Energy Calculators: Tools for Saving Money on the Farm.

Farmer Knows Best

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Whether you're a sustainable-agriculture producer, educator, researcher, student, or enthusiast chances are you have a lot of insight to share, and maybe a question or two as well.

A new user forum on NCAT's ATTRA website, called Farmer Knows Best, gives you that chance offering more than a dozen topic areas where you can start a conversation or contribute to the conversations already going on. ATTRA sustainable-ag experts will be joining in too.

Farmer Knows Best just started, so this is your chance to get in on the ground floor of the conversations. Please pas the word to anyone you know who would be interested. The details are in the attached documents, and if you should get a copy of this email without the documents, you can find Farmer Knows Best along with all of our other resources at