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Welcome to the 2020 membership in Solace Farm Community Supported Agriculture Cooperative! (CSA) We are excited to have you join us. You are a valuable, integral part of our community. Solace Farm is built on a foundation of commitment—to the land, to our animals, and to each other. That commitment is reflected in everything we do, including signing up new members. This agreement represents our commitment to you. We will work hard to bring you the best and most delicious produce possible beginning in APRIL 2019. We want you and your family to enjoy good eating by having a connection to the source of your food. In return, we need you to commit to us.  Please take a few minutes to carefully read through this agreement as it will help us lay the groundwork.


 Risk and Reward:


Shared risk and reward is the heart of the traditional CSA model. By joining our Solace Farm CSA, you are becoming a part of our agricultural community. Together, we agree to share in the risk and reward of farming. If the year is especially abundant, you will receive product of exceptional quality and size. If the year is a difficult one with difficult pest, disease, and weather pressures, you may receive fewer items or items of lesser quality. If we experience an extreme natural disaster, such as a flood or fire, you may receive no further products at all. At the same time, when the farm flourishes you can share in the abundance of the farm! We consistently hear from members that they don’t want more produce. Most members can’t use any more than we already distribute in each week. Some members want more items for canning or freezing. For those who do want more, we provide bulk product at discount rates. Beginning in July, we will announce bulk buying opportunities for our members—extra Tomatoes, Peaches, Pears, Berries etc.. available for bulk purchase at discounted rates, which change each year and throughout the season. Availability and current discount pricing will be announced in our member newsletter.


To build a strong, resilient business that can follow through on its obligations, Solace Farm also sells at local farmer's markets. If you need more farm goodness, come by our stand! At the same time, we don’t want you to worry about being shortchanged by our markets. You may occasionally see items at our farmers’ market stand that aren’t in your boxes. This is because we use the farmers’ market to test new items. We trial new varietals and vegetables in small amounts, first, for sale at the farmers’ market. If customers like them and we can produce good quality, we will grow the item at scale for all our CSA members. The farmers’ markets help us build our skills, so we can confidently commit to getting our CSA members abundant items of the best quality.


□ I understand Solace Farm’s Risk and Reward Policy above, and I am agreeing to share in the risk and reward of farming, as described.


 Payments, Refunds and Cancellations:


Payment can be made via Pay pal or in Cash

 Please select your payment plan:


Due Date April 1, 2020

#Full: $520/ Share reserved for 22 weeks (May 2019 to October 2019) with payment in full at sign up with this agreement.

Included with this commitment is (1) an additional 2 weeks of produce in April 2019 and 1 week in October 2019 (2) Two Reusable Grocery Bags to be used when receiving your shares.


#Partial: $260/Share reserved for first 12 weeks(May 2019 to July 2019) with payment in full at sign up with this agreement.

Included with this commitment is (1) an additional 2 weeks in April 2019 (2) Two Reusable Grocery Bags to be used when receiving your shares.


 * If you choose the Partial payment plan, you will receive a reminder that payment for an additional 10 weeks is due by July 15. We appreciate your timely payment. If circumstances arise that prevent you from paying your balance, please contact us to discuss a plan. If your payment is late and we do not hear from you, we may not pack a share for you until we hear from you. We will communicate with you via email if we can’t distribute your share because of nonpayment.

We thank you in advance for understanding that we rely on a minimum 12 week commitment to be able to plan and plant accordingly so all CSA members benefit. If you move out of the Deer Park area or suffer a hardship that prevents you from utilizing your share, you may be eligible for a refund of the remainder of the season. Refunds are given at the farm’s discretion—please call us to discuss options. If you decide CSA isn’t for you, we ask that you look for a replacement member to take over your share. The farm depends on each member’s commitment to cover expenses and provide enough food for everyone. Please call us to discuss a refund in light of unforeseeable  circumstances. If Solace Farm cannot fulfill its obligation to deliver quality shares in the quantity estimated to members for reasons other than extraordinary disease, pest, and weather events, all members may receive a refund of the remainder of the season.


Receiving Your Share:


Each share is packed in one Grocery Bag (12 inch x 13 inch x 6 inch) to include Fresh Produce  including a mix of Vegetables, Herbs, Fruit and Nuts as they come into season. Large share  items such as spaghetti squash or melons are not put in your reusable CSA grocery bags but are in addition to the smaller items that do fit.


 Please confirm that you understand the pick-up site rules, below. Community is the heart of CSA, and the share pick-up site is a chance to meet your neighbors and fellow members! To make sure the site runs smoothly, we have a few rules.  Please make sure you can retrieve your share within the pick-up time frames listed. You will be provided with your pick-up  information via email—please read and keep this email. If you have any questions or emergencies, please contact the pick up Host. You may contact the host and arrange to pick up your share at a later time; however, site hosts may not be able to refrigerate your share. Site rules, including where to park and how to select your share, will be provided in advance to all members via email. This information is very important—please look for it.


□ I understand that I must pick up my share within the pick-up time frame that and that if I do not, it may be donated.


 □ I understand that picking up my share is my responsibility, and that site hosts may not be able to hold my share.


 □ I will look for the site rules via email and agree to abide by them.


 □ I understand that dogs are not allowed on the farm, either for share pickup or for farm events (even super-friendly dogs are not allowed, unfortunately.)



 Like any strong community, we need good communication. Solace Farm will email you a newsletter every week. This newsletter will contain updates, farm event information, and recipes. We don’t want you to miss out—please whitelist and/or check your spam folder if you don’t receive our emails. Essential information about cancellations, delays, or problems will be delivered via email and/or text, as indicated by the member below.


Your Contact Information and Agreement


Please email the following information to along with your choice of Payment Plans. I will invoice you and get your Membership set up.


 Primary Household/Member is responsible for payment of the share, in full. Every share must have a primary householder/member.

Member Name___________________________________________________________

Member Address__________________________________________________________

Member Email ___________________________________________________________

Member Phone___________________________________________________________

Communication Preference Circle One:   Email   Text


I have read the terms of my Solace Farm CSA Membership as described and indicate my agreement for the 2019 year by submission of my payment.


Congratulations! You made it through the Member Agreement process! We are so happy you have chosen to join us. We look forward to sharing our farm with you for years to come. 

To finalize your membership, Use the Contact Form  Below Saying :  "YES" and indicating  if you want to do 22 weeks and bonuses or 10 weeks with option to extend. I will invoice you via PayPal

 By submitting payment, you are indicating your agreement to this Member Agreement.


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Solace Farm

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